AuXchange Gold Jewelry Releases the AX-MENA Collection Paying Tribute to the Designs, Architecture and Culture of the Middle East and North Africa

Highlighting some of the similarities in the designs, patterns, cultures and beliefs of the countries in the MENA area, AuXchange celebrates their richness and untold contributions with this jewelry selection.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Great jewelry brand AuXchange Gold Jewelry announces the release of the first version of its new AX-MENA Assortment which pays homage to the patterns and styles originating from the nations around the world in the Center East and North Africa. Featuring earrings, necklaces, rings and a cuff in the two 14 and 18 karat gold with colored gemstones and diamonds, the collection celebrates the models, architecture, culture, traditions, and languages of the international locations in these regions by way of good jewellery.

AX-MENA Collection by AuXchange - Celebrating Designs, Architecture & Symbolism of the Middle East & North Africa.

AX-MENA Assortment by AuXchange – Celebrating Layouts, Architecture & Symbolism of the Center East & North Africa.

Highlighting some of the similarities in the models, designs, cultures and beliefs of the nations around the world in the MENA area

This launch of the AX-MENA models ranges from artistic interpretations of architectural landmarks to textile motifs to historic swords and odes to the crescent moon and well-known folktales. Just one exceptional element of the AX-MENA selection is the diversity in the dimensions of the jewellery pieces, as displayed in the mini variation of the well-known Khamsa evil eye talisman and contrasted by the centerpiece of the assortment titled “Window to the Soul.” Whilst the mini Khamsa necklaces exhibit predominant eye shades, Window to the Soul is a decadent reversible necklace portraying an eye with a 3 carat peridot surrounded by diamond cut rubies on one particular facet and black diamonds on the other. In accordance to AuXchange founder, Azra Mehdi, she carefully collaborated with San Francisco jeweler Eric Kitagawa of “K” Go & Co. on this piece, particularly the layout engineering factor to build a reversible necklace.

Even though AuXchange has historically centered on producing fragile parts, the AX-MENA assortment contains a range of more substantial assertion pieces and a different initially – rings, in stock for some dimensions and created-to-get for other individuals. The AX-MENA selection also utilizes a wider array of gemstones, including emeralds, deep blue sapphires, rubies, citrine and aquamarine supposed to express the loaded variety of the MENA location. Selling prices range from $525 to $14,999.

One particular consistent concept in the AX-MENA selection as properly as all AuXchange jewelry has been the company’s motivation to its mission – to support and advance girls’ education. AuXchange will double its donation to its mission husband or wife Malala Fund – from 10% to 20% of the buy price – on all purchases produced involving November 26-30, 2021 in light of the present political situations in Afghanistan, which underscore the disproportionately detrimental impact conflict and wars have on ladies all round, and girls’ schooling in particular.

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AX-MENA Collection - Window to the Soul Reversible Necklace

AX-MENA Assortment – Window to the Soul Reversible Necklace

AuXchange Gold Jewelry, Beverly Hills

AuXchange Gold Jewelry, Beverly Hills



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