Chaumet boutique opens on Bond Street, London

London’s Chaumet boutique nods to Parisian design codes

Chaumet boutique on Bond Street, London, is designed by Patricia Grosdemange, the perfect showcase for the house’s high jewellery, permanent collections and tiaras

The newly renovated Chaumet boutique on London’s Bond Street unites British and Parisian design codes in a nod to both quintessential English architecture and the history of the maison. LVMH architect Patricia Grosdemange was at the helm for the refurbishment of the boutique, which brings symbolic decorative elements to the calm space.

‘This London townhouse is an exceptional address, and offers the unique opportunity to the maison to express both its history and modernity,’ says Grosdemange, artistic director of architecture and design at LVMH. ‘We worked with the best craftspeople to create the embroidery; the plaster work and the concrete [using] real plant prints; and the bluish lacquers with marks of gold leaf.’

Chaumet boutique on London’s Bond Street

Design details encompass Chaumet’s history, with the decorative elements of ears of wheat and straw marquetry paying tribute to the house’s history, which is also reflected in the high and fine jewellery collections.

Touches of gold and Chaumet blue punctuate the archetypal Englishness of the space. ‘This Victorian townhouse is the opportunity to express the strong links between two cultures,’ says Grosdemange. ‘Elegance and sophistication are at the centre of our design choices, and in this decision there are a lot of obvious links between Chaumet and British culture – the intimate atmosphere, common sensitivity for nature and beautiful gardens, emphasis on craft. The Victorian style blended with a Parisian elegance makes for a very modern result.’

The space is an understated foil for the high jewellery, permanent collections and tiaras within, making it an elegant addition to Chaumet’s retail presence across Europe. It follows the reopening of its space in London’s Harrods, and last year’s renovation of the brand’s hôtel particulier at 12 Vendôme in Paris.

Ultimately, the boutique stays faithful to strong Chaumet codes: ‘We wanted to put forward the narrative universe of the house, especially nature, light and shine,’ explains Grosdemange. ‘The celestial theme, dear to Chaumet, evokes radiation and elevation and honours the most prestigious British address.’ §