kelvin j. birk collaborates with 50,000 bees for honey jewelry collection

a hive of bees craft disintegrating honeycomb jewellery


In an unpredicted collaboration, Kelvin J. Birk has harnessed the collective skills of a hive of around 50,000 honey bees for his Honeycomb Jewelry assortment. An established gold and silversmith, Birk has departed from conventional jewelry design to check out the idea of integrating bees into his craft. Swapping out traditional valuable stones for preserved bees and bumblebees cared for by Tue Sando, he offers a series of novel equipment that exude honey and steadily wither away to raise a poignant query: what holds higher benefit — the bee or the diamond? Without doubt, Birk poses, the important function bees play in sustaining our ecosystem underscores their well worth, whilst diamonds, in comparison, show up dispensable.

kelvin j. birk collaborates with 50,000 bees for honey-infused jewelry series
all pictures courtesy of Kelvin J. Birk



kelvin j. birk ponders the intrinsic worth of bees


This task puts ahead a collection of silver jewelry pieces that ended up put inside of a are living bee hive, inviting the industrial bugs to participate in Kelvin J. Birk’s inventive expression. The bees, showcasing their innate creative imagination, wove intricate honeycomb structures close to particular sections of the jewelry, every single piece having on a distinctive type. Making an attempt to maintain particular locations, the designer to begin with used masking tape, only to witness the bees quickly clear away and discard it. Some portions grew to become infused with honey, even though other individuals remained untouched.


When worn, the Honeycomb Jewellery parts subtly exude honey, with the wax little by little melting absent and symbolizing the delicate and cherished mother nature of our setting, and the intrinsic price it locations on bees and the natural planet at significant. This contemplative technique problems traditional notions of materials worthy of, urging us to reconsider the worth attributed to bees in comparison to regular jewellery products like gold, silver, diamonds, and cherished gemstones. Such inquiries variety a typical thread throughout Birk’s artistic portfolio, unveiling the beauty, features, and traits of these materials, even though also highlighting their finite benefit and inherent fragility.

kelvin j. birk collaborates with 50,000 bees for honey-infused jewelry series
made in collaboration with a hive of 50,000 honey bees



kelvin j. birk collaborates with 50,000 bees for honey-infused jewelry series
the bees wove intricate honeycomb structures all over certain sections of the jewellery

honeycomb jewellery by kelvin j birk made in collaboration with bees 4
some parts became infused with honey, when other people remained untouched

honeycomb jewelry
the venture symbolizes the sensitive nature of our setting, and the intrinsic benefit it destinations on bees at?v=5hgRNL52zjA


honeycomb jewelry
when worn, the Honeycomb Jewellery items exude honey, with the wax progressively melting away



project details:


title: Honeycomb Jewellery
designer: Kelvin J. Birk



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